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Calcium Caseinate

Boomers 100% Calcium Caseinate Slow Release Protein Powder


Boomers 100% Calcium Caseinate is a protein supplement that can be used alongside a whey as a slow release protein to work in conjunction with the rapid release of the whey.

Remember little Ms Muffet? ...Our whey products are made from the whey parts of milk and the casein is made from the curds, this makes it far thicker.

Casein protein can be beneficial for weight loss because it has been shown, like in this study to be far more satiating (feeling of a full stomach) than other protein sources. This is likely to be attributed to its gel-forming capabilities.

So if you are using a protein powder to help with weight loss, the addition of our Calcium Caseinate into your daily supplementation will help to make you feel full. Intake will depend on your overall protein needs for the day, please see our Protein Requirements Article for more information on this.

We recommend taking 10grams of caseinate with every 30grams of Boomers Whey Isolate or Concentrate to get the benefits of both powders.

Calcium Caseinate Nutritional Information

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